Phenomenal Day!!!

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Phenomenal day today. Im proper blown away. Today I had the great honour to be awarded my Shodan in #Iaido from 8th Dan Hamamoto Sensei in Japan. The intensive grading included 27 Katas with classification and analysis of the sword lasting around 3 hours. It was very mentally and physically challenging. I first came to Okinawa in 2006 to study Kobudo with … Read More

Knife Attack in Morocco -Feb ’19

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Rohan Passes Green and White Belt

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Well done Rohan in passing your Green-white belt in Ju-JItsu (7) at Kesshin Kai. A fantastic performance and credit to your club. If you or know someone who would like to learn Self-defence click below to Know More!!! SPRING OFFER 2 Sessions FREE!!! Click Here    

2 Sessions free

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 2 Sessions Free #learnjujitsu #selfdefence #kendal #carlisle #Windermere Beginners Ju-Jitsu Self Defence Starting April -All Ages Click Below  KK Tigers  Classes -Aged 3-7 years 8-13 Years 14+ Adult

Sensei Smith Trains Army at Blackburn Military Base

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    Sensei Smith this week was invited down to Somme Blackburn Military Base, and had the privilege of teaching The British Army some Ju-Jitsu Self Defence Techniques. Included in this short course were escapes, wrist locks, Knife defences and Basic Multiple Defence techniques. Sensei Smith was assisted by Black Belt 1st Dan Szymon Marciniak and Private Student Rick Clark. Well … Read More

Black Belt Success in Ju-Jitsu

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CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO!!! Joel Milner Aged 18 receives his Senior 1st Dan in Ju-Jitsu at Kesshin Kai After 6 years of Dedication,  Joel has completed 7 levels of training from Brown to Black based on the Old Traditional ways of Ju-Jitsu. This Intensive Practical Martial Arts Training, is both Physically demanding and  Mentally Challenging which can only be achieved … Read More