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  • 2 weeks ago by kesshinkai COVID Martial Arts Continues regardless. Beginners red belts Mike (Left) and Andrew did extremely well this evening especially on the after class working through their New self defence Ju-Jitsu 70days white belt program. Mike is able to adapt the techniques into kata form and Andrew works with his son Jack (green and white belt) in Ju-Jitsu. Andrew has supported his son through the online training at kesshin kai from the start of Covid in March and they enjoy every minute of it. Mike particularly enjoys the mind discipline, self confidence and visualisation training. Well done again guys on your journey
  • 2 weeks ago by kesshinkai Is 87 years old Too Late to start Martial Arts? /‘’\
  • 2 weeks ago by kesshinkai Is 87 years old Too Late to start Martial Arts?  #nope   #jj   #alwayslearning 
  • 3 weeks ago by kesshinkai Have a great week all.  @kesshinkai 
  • 1 month ago by kesshinkai Have a great weekend all.  #luv   #honour   #respect 
  • 2 months ago by kesshinkai Ignorance is the mother of all Presumption.  #selfawareness   #positive   #mindset
  • 2 months ago by kesshinkai  #nevergiveup  guys and always  #dowhatmakesyouhappy   #kaboom kesshin kai
Sensei R.Smith
6th Dan Ju-Jitsu
4th Dan Nunchaku
2nd Dan Kobudo
1st Dan Iaido

Sensei Smith has the following official rankings:-
Paris – Dec ’08 (5th in Europe)
Switzerland- March ’08 (5th in the World)
Alsace – Dec ’09 (4th in world)
Kendal – May ’10 (5th in World-World Championships 2010)
Windermere – Nov ’10 (Gold Medal-National)
Holland – May ’11 (4th-Europe)
Holland – Oct ’11 (Silver Medal-Europe)
Windermere – Nov ’11 (Gold Medal-National)
Holland – Oct ’12 (Silver Medal-Europe)
Russia – Nov ’12 (4th Fighting and 4th Freestyle-World)
Windermere – Nov ’12 (Gold Medal-National)
Latvia – March ’13 (Bronze Medal-Europe)
Windermere – July ’13 (Gold Medal-National)
Kendal – Nov ’13 (Gold Medal-National)
Kendal – Nov ’13 (Gold Medal-National)
Russia – Nov ’13 (Silver Medal-Europe)
Russia – Nov ’13 (Bronze Medal-Europe)
Holland – Mach’14 (Bronze-Freestyle Europe)
Switzerland- May ’14 (5th-Combat,7th Freestyle Europe)
Kendal – June ’14 (Gold Medal-National)
Russia – Nov ’14 (4th Combat,5th Kobudo-Europe)
Windermere – Nov ’14 (Gold Medal Combat-National)

Kendal-World Nunchaku Championships June 2015 Master Level- Silver Medal

-World Championships Kobudo June 2015 Master Level- Gold Medal

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