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I am Sensei R. Smith and I would like to have the opportunity to teach your child a FREE Self Defence lesson.  I have been teaching for 23 years and and first opened the Ju-Jitsu Club at  Ghyllside Primary School 12 years ago.  There are 15 places available in the club which will start in school at the beginning of October.  It is open to children aged 3-11 years.  The first 10 children to join will receive a special offer (see below) which includes an official Kesshin Kai Ju-Jitsu training T-shirt.

They will be also have this great opportunity to be a part of the brand new Self Defence 4 Schools, a new  affordable for all via a discounted scheme, which I am offering to Ghyllside Primary School.

Self Defence 4 Schools (sdefence4schools)

Regular price

£29.50 – £31.50 per Month



2 x Gradings, Belts, Certificates

Weekly sessions

Free Online Introductory course

Ghyllside School Discount

£17 per Month (sdefence4schools discount and funds raised by ‘friends of sdefence4schools ’)

Also includes

50% off International Annual Seminar at Castle Green Hotel

50% off Anti-bullying Course

All members involved are required to raise the subsidised discounted amount. For more info please call Sensei.

I am 6th Dan in Ju-Jitsu, 4th Dan in Sport Nunchaku, 2nd Dan in Kobudo and just recently graded 1st Dan Iaido last month for my 13th Black Belt in Japan.  

I am also the National Coach for Sport Nunchaku and in June 2019, I attended a competition in Paris and became the UK’s 1st World Nunchaku Champion. 

 I also gained a silver in Freestyle and another silver in Combat.

In 2020 the World Championships will be in the UK and I have full responsibility for organising the smooth running of the event.  The World Championships will take place in Liverpool or London and I will be host to 20 or more countries taking part including Great Britain, Switzerland, America, France, Spain, Africa, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong & China.

Over the summer, I developed the First UK Based Online Sport Nunchaku training course. Feel free to have a look below. At the moment I’m designing a new online course. This course is designed to teach the basic skills and techniques required to use the Sport Nunchaku and is aimed at absolute beginners, children and people with Autism and other special needs or mental health problems who may find it difficult to attend a class. This will be released this week.

Also in October, I will be running a 4 week Mum’s Self Defence course at the Kendal leisure centre. This will involve week by week practical training, online guidance training, a certificate and a Free Training T-shirt. Please call me on 07718530346. 

I am looking to teach new participants at Ghyllside Primary School all about self defence giving them confidence, self awareness, motivation and self control. There is also a Free Online Introductory course included which will help guide through the earlier stages of the self defence training. 

The first 10 children to join will be able to take advantage of the offer below, which expires on Tuesday 15th October 2019. Simply call me on 07718530346 or contact message me on Facebook to book your place.

Ghyllside School Offer Includes

1 Years FREE!!! Insurance

1 x Kesshin Kai club T-shirt

1 x Red Belt

1 x Kesshin Kai Licence

10 rules of dojo Personalised Certificate

50% Off Registration (expires 15th October 2019)

50% Off  Official Club Suit (expires 29th October)

The club for children aged 3-11 years will take place in Ghyllside School Hall, starting with a Free lesson 8th or 15th October on Tuesdays  3.15am – 4pm (after school)

Please call 07718530346 or contact me on to reserve your place at Ghyllside Ju-Jitsu Club.

Best regards

Sensei R. Smith

4th Dan Nunchaku

6th Dan Ju-Jitsu

2nd Dan Kobudo

1st Dan Iaido

National Coach

World Nunchaku Champion – Paris ‘19

Phenomenal Day!!!

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Phenomenal day today. Im proper blown away.

Today I had the great honour to be awarded my Shodan in #Iaido from 8th Dan Hamamoto Sensei in Japan. The intensive grading included 27 Katas with classification and analysis of the sword lasting around 3 hours. It was very mentally and physically challenging.

I first came to Okinawa in 2006 to study Kobudo with Akamine Sensei and was introduced to Hamamoto Sensei through a #iaido practitioner studying with him at the time.
I continued in both Ryukyu Kobudo and Iaido for the next 3 months.
The experience I had then to soak myself in Okinawan culture helped me understand and give empathy to All people.
I would like to firstly give a big Thank you to Akamine Sensei for his patience, understanding and kindness since I first met him in 2006.

Next I want to thank the people of Okinawa who dramatically change my life in the way I think and feel positively everyday.

I also want to thank all my friends, family, students, parents and loved ones for all their support.

Next I would like to give thanks to Mark Gibson at MGD and Shaun Ellison from Alexander and Sancto for helping to subsidise the trip. Without your generosity none of this would have happened.

And last I would like to eternally thank Hamamoto Sensei for his his patience, guidance, understanding and also for accepting me as his student.

‘Everything is possible, you just got to want it’
-Joe Talbot-

Knife Attack in Morocco -Feb ’19

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Beginners Ju-Jitsu Self Defence
Starting February -All Ages Click Below 👇

KK Tigers Rock!!!!
Aged 3-7 Years

8-13 Years

14 Years & Adults

Free 12 Months Training in Martial Arts


1st EVER FREE Martial Arts Training For 12 Months Celebrating 21st Anniversary Open.
Sensei Rich Smith
6th Dan Ju-Jitsu, 4th Dan Nunchaku, 2nd Dan Kobudo.
39 Years Experience. 2nd in the World Combat Nunchaku 2018-Switzerland.

Martial Arts Training Available- Ju-Jitsu & Sport Nunchaku
Age Categories for Both Styles
3-8 Years
9-17 Years
18-65 Years

Extra Categories 17-65 Years
Nunchaku Weekend Retreat Training ( Every two months)
Ju-Jitsu Fast Track

Stage 1
Private Message me for application and apply. (ANY1 can apply) What’s Stopping You?

Stage 2
Selection process

Stage 3

Good Luck guys, look forward to training with you all.


spring offer



Learn Self Defence, Sport Nunchaku or Try out Kobudo .Take advantage of this Special Offer

2 Lessons free!!! bring a friend 4 FREE and get 50% off your 1st SUIT!!!.

Open to All Mum’s, children, Families and Friends.

If you would like to take advantage of this Special offer

Please fill out the form below or call Sensei Smith on 07718530346 to book your place.

Offer Ends

-892Days -22Hours -28Minutes -44Seconds


Sport Nunchaku Site


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Ambleside Club      Kendal Club    Carlisle Club      Windermere H.Q. Dojo

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 Sensei R.smith
6th Dan Ju-Jitsu
4th Dan Nunchaku
2nd Dan Kobudo

07718 530 346

Sensei Smith has the following official rankings:-
Paris – Dec ’08 (5th in Europe)
Switzerland- March ’08 (5th in the World)
Alsace – Dec ’09 (4th in world)
Kendal – May ’10 (5th in World-World Championships 2010)
Windermere – Nov ’10 (Gold Medal-National)
Holland – May ’11 (4th-Europe)
Holland – Oct ’11 (Silver Medal-Europe)
Windermere – Nov ’11 (Gold Medal-National)
Holland – Oct ’12 (Silver Medal-Europe)
Russia – Nov ’12 (4th Fighting and 4th Freestyle-World)
Windermere – Nov ’12 (Gold Medal-National)
Latvia – March ’13 (Bronze Medal-Europe)
Windermere – July ’13 (Gold Medal-National)
Kendal – Nov ’13 (Gold Medal-National)
Kendal – Nov ’13 (Gold Medal-National)
Russia – Nov ’13 (Silver Medal-Europe)
Russia – Nov ’13 (Bronze Medal-Europe)
Holland – Mach’14 (Bronze-Freestyle Europe)
Switzerland- May ’14 (5th-Combat,7th Freestyle Europe)
Kendal – June ’14 (Gold Medal-National)
Russia – Nov ’14 (4th Combat,5th Kobudo-Europe)
Windermere – Nov ’14 (Gold Medal Combat-National)

Kendal-World Nunchaku Championships June 2015 Master Level- Silver Medal

-World Championships Kobudo June 2015 Master Level- Gold Medal

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