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Technique is more important than size or strength

Following on from the success of the self-defence courses I was running last year throughout the region the decision was made in October 2012, with the encouragement of Mr Woodburn the head teacher, to initially run self-defence/beginners course for 4 weeks at Ghyllside School, then open an after school club so the students had the opportunity to continue with their Ju-Jitsu training within school.The course was a huge success, and many students joined the club afterwards. We now have a strong core of students who train on a Tuesday afternoon, from 3.30pm-4.30pm in the school hall. All the students who have been there from the beginning have gained their first belt, and are well on their way to getting their next belt in July. The rest of the students will be taking their first belt this time around, so a lot of achievements have been gained already in the first year.If anybody would like to come and see what it’s all about or get involved and have a go themselves, please click on the red button at the bottom of this page, and then again on theclick here section on the next page which will take you to the registration section of the website where you can sign up for the 4 week course on-line. If you have any queries about the club, courses or any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on:- Sensei Smith 07718 530346 

We regularly have offers on throughout the year, so please check the latest news section of the website to be kept up to date on what they are. For latest offers please click here 
If you want to book either call, email or text
Sensei Smith 07718530346,

Black Belt 2nd Dan

Brent Parkyn – 2nd Dan – Senior Black Belt (October 13)

Paul Wilson – 2nd Dan – Senior Black Belt (March 11)

Black Belt 1st Dans

Scott Riley – Junior Black Belt (March 12)
Josh Weetman – Senior Black Belt (March 11)
Keiron Lowther- Junior Black belt (March 11)

Chris Graves – Senior Black Belt (March 10)
Brent Parkyn – Senior Black Belt (March 10)
Kyle Nisbet- Junior Black Belt (March 10)

Sammy Male- Junior Black Belt (March 09)
Jack Riley- Junior Black belt (March 09)
Geoff Cater- Senior Black Belt (April 09)
Paul Wilson- Senior Black belt (April 09)
Geoff Wightman- Senior Black Belt (October 09)
Tony Gilbert – Senior Black Belt (October 09)
Jack Gilbert – Junior Black Belt (October 09)
Gregor Rothwell- Junior Black Belt (October 09)
Tom Miles – Junior Black Belt (October 09)

Keelan Knight- Junior Black Belt (October 08)
Shane Mason- Junior Black belt (October 08)

Keelan Kight and Shane Mason
Wezy Gezzy October 2008

Callum Goulder- Junior Black belt (September 07)
Nick Waterton- Junior Black Belt (September 07)
Jake Male – Junior Black Belt (September 07)

Luke Robinson -Junior Black Belt (March 06)
Tom Owen- Senior Black Belt (March 06)
Graham Park- Senior Black Belt(March 06)
Roger Byron- Senior Black Belt(September 06)

Adam Robinson- Junior Black Belt (March 05)

Conor Giggle Junior Black Belt (March 04)
William Whittington- Senior Black Belt(March 04)

Dean Giggle -Senior Black Belt (March 03)
Kirsty O’Connor- Junior Black Belt (September 03)
Daniel Sweeney- Senior Black Belt (September 03)

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